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Date: 2018-01-13 23:02.

Robert: Good luck with your boycott. (I don 8767 t see how your point in any way affects lobstering.) Mmmm I 8767 m enjoying my Maine lobster!!!!

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Claw meat is much more tender than the tail meat,in cooking your lobster,you will always have a tougher tail the fullness of the lobster is another issue along with the age,best time for a good solid lobster is in the cold months Enjoy Capt Seaweed

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The State of Maine has special laws that are designed to protect our lobster fishery for years to come. We use a special gauge to measure the lobsters carapace (body). There are both minimum and maximum size measurements. The minimum size is designed to make sure that all lobsters are mature enough to breed at least once before they are harvested. The maximum size limit is designed to protect the breeding stock. A minimum size lobster will weigh around 6 lb., while a maximum size lobster will weigh between 8-9 lbs. The most plentiful, and most popular size of Maine Lobsters are 6 6/9 6 6/7 lb. each.  If you are offered a smaller or larger lobster than this, you can guarantee it is not a genuine Maine Lobster.

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Curious I have almond flour (bobs red mill) but not 8766 blanched 8767 almond flour Can I still use it? Thanks. Looking forward to making them.

Super Lump Crab Melt*
House made crab cake topped with tomato basil pesto and mozzarella cheese
Served on grilled Texas toast

They look more like cookies than biscuits. Who cares though if they taste good? I 8767 m so going to be making these for my family. My little girl can 8767 t have these biscuits at Red Lobster and I feel bad for her missing out on something so yummy.

Hi! These sound fabulous. My problem is I have two boys who are allergic to nuts. Nuts were my favorite snacks EVER but to make family meals I have to be so careful. What else would be usable? I 8767 ve been thinking maybe a sunflower flour? or maybe a white bean flour. any ideas? Thanks so much.

Live lobsters are usually dark green or greenish-brown, but lobsters can be found in a range of colors including blue, white, orange, yellow, black, and sometimes even red.  8775 Calico 8776 lobsters are multicolored, and some lobsters even have two distinct colors, separated by a line down their backs.  But whatever color they are when alive, all lobsters turn bright red when cooked.

But in a way, good riddance: When BuzzFeed reached out to Darden about the source of Red Lobster and Olive Gardens seafood two months ago for a separate article, the spokesperson refused to give us any information at all about where the chains food comes from. Given that seafood producers in China and Thailand are known to feed their shrimp untreated animal feces , and those countries supply nearly half of America s seafood, most of which is never inspected, Darden s lack of transparency is outdated and unacceptable. (Remember that Portlandia sketch about ordering happy, local chicken? It might beat being refused any information about the shrimp you re eating when you ask the company directly.)

Red Lobster is an American casual restaurant chain that serves a wide variety of quality seafood dishes and some steak entrées, pasta, and chicken dishes. It has over 755 restaurants located across United States, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Japan, UAE, Qatar, Brazil, Malaysia, and New Zealand.

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