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Date: 2018-01-10 08:38.

We are a craft roaster with a passion for specialty coffee. All our coffees are hand crafted in our small batch roaster, delivering perfection to our customers across the country. Experience Better Coffee.

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Smokey Barn has earned the trust and confidence of its customers by delivering consistently good quality coffee regardless of the volume of the order. We will be able to meet even high volume orders without any problem. We will process your orders fast and deliver your coffee promptly without any glitches. Buy wholesale coffee beans at Smokey Barn and save both time and money.

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We carry all of our coffees as green beans in our Warehouse in Windsor, Ontario. Orders are placed roughly once per quarter to ensure a countinuous stock of fresh green coffee beans. While some of our coffee offerings are blends, we offer a large variety of the traditional single-origin green coffee beans. Head over to our wholesale green coffee beans Canada website.

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Coffee Contractor Inc. () is able to offer wholesale pricing for retail locations, coffee shops and high volume orders on coffee beans. Depending on volume and the product, we're able to offer 85%-55% off listed prices. For more information, please contact us directly.

Here at our roasting facility, we can assist you in creating that perfect cup. Offering premium, fair trade and the best tasting coffees and teas from all regions of the world, we have the ability to provide your enterprise endless gourmet selections. You may choose from our varieties or develop your own custom flavor sensations and blends.

Thanks to our cutting-edge roasting, blending and packaging facilities we can supply an extensive range of quality fresh wholesale coffee to coffee chains, hotels and individual cafes at competitive rates.

Wholesale roasted coffees are available in 5 lb bags to coffee shops, restaurants, business offices and churches who need a larger quantity at a discounted price.

We assure you that at Smokey Barn, you will not only have access to exceptional quality coffee beans for espresso and regular beans but you will also find our wholesale prices very competitive. Our online store certainly brings great savings to cafes and restaurants, you too can now take advantage of our special prices without having to compromise on the quality of the coffee beans supplied to you.

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Need a coffee machine for your office? We are able to supply coffee machines for office coffee service , tea and hot-chocolate at affordable rates, in addition to maintenance and repairs. contact us for details. Whether you're looking for a fully commercial Bunn Brewer for a 655-person warehouse or a Saeco Machine for a 65-person office, we have options that fit your needs.

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